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ADVICE ON POST EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (PEP) for Men who have sex with other Men, based in Bedfordshire




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PEP is not a substitute for consistent condom use. Studies suggest that most men who have taken PEP are likely to have less unsafe sex afterwards and are unlikely to seek PEP again. 2, This is because taking PEP is not an easy option. If you take PEP you will have to cope with the same side effects that men on HIV medication suffer, as well as the hassle of having to remember to take your meds at set times during the day.

PEP will not make you immune to HIV infection. If you have unsafe sex while you are taking PEP or after you have finished a course of PEP, you may become infected with HIV.

Martin JN et al. Use of post-exposure prophylaxis against HIV infection following sexual exposure does not lead to increases in high-risk behaviour. AIDS 18: 787-792, 2004.







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