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  Homophobia Bedfordshire Police's "Hate Crime Team"  
HOW TO REPORT HOMOPHOBIC CRIME to Bedfordshire Police's "Hate Crime Team"




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Bedfordshire Police are keen to provide many different ways for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) community to contact them.

They have a specialist team trained to serve the LGBT community and want to hear from you if you would like to:

  • Report a crime or an incident;
  • Ask us for advice or guidance;
  • Report domestic violence;
  • Or tell us about anything you have seen or heard which is troubling you.

You are also able to report crimes or incidents by leaving a message on 101 or online via the Bedfordshire Police website link below.

[ link to Bedfordshire Police - Report A Hate Crime ]



From the Chief Constable

Hate crime can destroy lives and causes real fear to victims and witnesses. It can stop people living and enjoying their everyday lives making them fearful to leave their homes. Hate crime affects the whole community.

Our message is a positive one. People who suffer with or who have suffered from hate crime are not alone. Victims can talk to specialists to get the help and assistance they need. The police can and do prosecute hate crime offenders in Bedfordshire.

But we can all do more, and the value of this strategy is in partnership working across all agencies in preventing, educating and tackling hate crime along with supporting those who are suffering.

You are not alone. We encourage you to report what has happened to you. When you are ready there are people waiting to help and support you, please talk to them.

Colette Paul QPM BA (Hons), Chief Constable Bedfordshire Police
Olly Martins, Police and Crime Commissioner, Bedfordshire

[ link to Bedfordshire Police - Report A Hate Crime ]



Other Contacts to Report an Assault:
  • Men4Men Sexual Health Outreach Project (SHOP)
    Wigmore Lane Health Centre
    Wigmore Lane
    LU2 8BG
    Phone: (01582) 511034
    Fax: (01582) 511043

    (Provides services to LGBT people experiencing domestic violence)
    Hotline Number: 08452 604460  




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